Cassini Systems' manufacturing solution is truly comprehensive, covering all aspects of product development for a manufacturing organization. Our manufacturing suite is comprised of the following products. These products are seamlessly integrated with each other so that relevant information is shared between them.


Manage all your work-in-progress design data with our PDM solution that is seamlessly integrated with the native CAD tools and other applications.


Our PLM system manages all the information regarding your product's lifecyle, from concept, to design, prototype, production, quality and material planning.


Our MES system manages all the shop floor activities, such as production planning, scheduling, control, quality, maintenance and resource management.


Our inventory management systems is tightly integrated with our PLM and MES systems, in which you can track the material from procurement to production.


Our project management solution covers all aspects of managing your product development projects, from concept, prototype, production, testing and release.


This is our integration platform for connecting engineering to the enterprise. It connects engineering systems and enterprise systems. This includes CAD systems, whether traditional ones such as SolidWorks, or new cloud-based systems such as Onshape.



Our comprehensive manufacturing solution provides a number benefits to all functions of your business that are tied to product development, including but not limited to, product design, manufacturing, quality, procurement and inventory.

Centralised Product Data

Instead of information scattered across data islands, all the product and process data is in a central place, easily accessible by all product teams. With centralised data, decision making is made easier and faster. Also, finding product information and all related information is easy.

Product Collaboration

Our solution enables collaboration throughout the product lifecycle, from concept, design, prototyping, production, quality, procurement and inventory. Teams can communicate with each other through our platform and be informed about all the development activities.

Accountability & Traceability

As product data is managed and tracked throughout its lifecycle, it enables traceability and improves operational efficiency. Tracing back changes as the products evolve is key to identifying issues and causes of those issues when they occur.

Project Management

With Cassini Solutions you get a Project Management solution integrated with our Cassini MS applications suite helping you in tracking your project & programmes from inception to delivery. Integrated Project Management features ensure that you complete your project on time and in budget.

Supplier Collaboration / Integration

Our solutions extend the scope of work to the entire supply chain, involving partners and suppliers. Our Supplier Collaboration feature helps in sharing specific data securely with external partners and automatically updates the master data with changes from partners.

Reports & Analytics

Now with our solution custom reports are just a few clicks away. The Cassini platform’s Reporting & Analytics engine helps to generate custom reports quickly with easy configuration. And Cassini Dashboards always provide you with latest real-time data.

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Cassini Systems offers a number of value-added services for our customers. These services help them maximise their return on their investment as well as get industry best practices into their processes. Following are the services we offer.

Process Re-Engineering

Top management initiatives such as moving from manual ad-hoc processes to integrated, automated processes breaks off the beaten path. But, the journey from manual to automated processes may involve re-engineering of various manual processes for a positive impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

This is where the team of Cassini Experts comes in. We conduct Business Process Analysis to understand the as-is process and to identify your process pain areas. After performing detailed Gap Analysis, Cassini Experts develop an automated, streamlined to-be process, based on the Cassini Product Line.

Then we work very closely with your team to collaboratively build customer demos and the Digital Roadmap for your organisation.

End-to-End Implementations

Once you approve your organisation’s Digital Roadmap, then we get into Solution Implementation. Here along with Cassini Experts, Cassini Development plays a key role in understanding your needs and requirements and in mapping your organisation’s process needs with the Cassini Product Line.

Our expert Development team will help in configuring and customising the Cassini products to match exactly to your organisation’s requirements. The focus here is to build a custom solution which works for your organisation.

Then our Quality Assurance team will completely test the entire system at various stages to deliver a productive solution for your use. As part of this process, we will also deploy the system in Cloud or on premise, and give access to your solution for you to explore and give us feedback.

Data Migrations & Integrations

Most organisations have legacy data in legacy applications. Some legacy applications will be sunset, so there will be need for data migration. In some cases, the legacy systems are still relevant for the future, so we need to integrate Cassini solutions with existing applications for the smooth running of the business.

Cassini experts will be ready to provide you with data migration and 3rd-party software integrations. Some of the examples are integrating your CAD system with Cassini PDM / PLM, integrating Cassini.MS with your ERP Systems or migrating a lot of data from Excel and other home-grown applications.

Training & Support

Once all the systems are in place and working as per your needs, then comes the training and support for your users. Here we will dedicate the necessary resources onsite / online / offsite, so as to run your operations without interruption.

Our Cassini solutions are so easy and follow GUI standards, so our applications guide you step by step, needing very little or no intense training. We will not only provide you formal training but also provide you with training videos for any future reference

Our Support team works hard to meet our SLA and assure issues are resolved as quickly as possible. We are always at your service to let your operations run smoothly.




Emm! mobility Solutions

The team of Emm! solutions GmbH managed to develop their own car in a period of just four months and to get their prototype of the “ILO 1” onto four wheels. The trick in the process: using web-based software, the production and development of parts for the conceptual lightweight vehicle was controlled and the design tasks were distributed across a network of suppliers. Thanks to unified digital communication across the entire process chain, the numerous parts could be developed simultaneously and optimised with regard to the weight, for example.

What does the mobility of tomorrow look like? The start-up Emm! solutions GmbH is tackling this difficult problem. Armin Müller, who was the project manager of the ESP programme at Daimler and was most recently in a management position at Porsche, is behind the new young company from Weil der Stadt. “The topic of mobility is a question of solving the transportation problem”, says Müller. Together with his team, he has worked on a new mobility concept for individual transportation: the “ILO 1” is a compact light-weight vehicle – a few centimetres smaller than the current Start ForTwo. The prototype currently has space for one person. In a later variant, two people will be able to be transported.

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Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in manufacturing are struggling today to manage their business processes as they start to grow. Process automation, from the top floor to the shop floor, has become a challenge for these companies. Information exchange between various phases of product development is manual and error-prone today.

Cassini Systems provides end-to-end solutions to SMEs to manage their entire manufacturing operations. Our solutions automate information exchange between various product teams such as requirements, design, prototyping, manufacturing, quality, inventory and procurement. Our product suite manages all the product data centrally for the product teams to access during various stages of product development.

Management Team

Edward E. Conroy

Edward Conroy is the Managing Director at Cassini Systems Europe GmbH, and is responsible for building the EU business, partnering with other companies and managing European operations. Mr. Conroy has 20+ years of experience in the CAD, SCM and PDM/PLM industries, at both small and large industrial, high-tech and medical device companies. With experience at such large companies as Daimler, Siemens, Google and countless others, he is one of the industry’s leading experts and brings a perspective that is both deep and broad, helping to ensure customer success.

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